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-   ABOUT US  -

In 2013, Penelope & Cynthia, two friends from Chevy Chase, Maryland with family ties to Italy and a deep love of Italian food, began talking about the lack of good commercial pesto available in stores. Both passionate home cooks, they finally decided to try making and selling one together, and Sugo Sauces was born. Today, Penelope runs the day-to-day business, and Sugo Sauces' premium fresh pesto sauces are available at MOM's Organic Markets and select gourmet grocers' across the metro DC region. We continue to grow while maintaining the small-batch, artisanal quality of our sauces, as well as our values as a women-owned business committed to sustainability, well-being, and joy. At Sugo Sauces, we make it easy to eat well. 

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